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The Demo

(Introduction to Vinyasa Flow) 60 Minutes

Don't know your down dog from your up dog? This is the class for you! You'll learn the basic foundational poses, sequences, and breathing techniques of Vinyasa yoga, guaranteed to set you up for success in any "all levels" class. And the music? Don't worry, you'll rock out in this class too.

The Setlist

(Vinyasa Flow) 60 & 75 Minutes

It's hot, sweaty, and loud. We combine carefully curated setlists with an intelligently sequenced vinyasa flow class to provide you with an unparalleled sensory journey. All levels are welcome. However, we do take you on a ride through some amazing music history, so in order to best absorb this experience, we suggest having taken at least a few yoga classes prior to jumping in to this class. 

The Album

(Restorative Yoga) 60 Minutes

This time we skip the heat, throw some blocks and bolsters your way, and guide you through a juicy 60 minutes of restore and repair yoga. The best part? The soundtrack. Hand-selected from the greatest albums of all time, we play an entire album from start to finish...the way it was meant to be played.

The Remix

(aka "YOGATA" = Half Vinyasa Flow + Half Tabata Workout) 60 Minutes

Calling all Crossfitters, Bootcampers, and Gym Junkies! Let's be honest, this class is just nuts. With the far infrared heaters at full mast (85-90 deg), get ready to sweat like never before. We start with an intentional warmup and some athletically sequenced vinyasa flow for the first 20 minutes. Then we hit the next 30 minutes hard with a combination of Tabata / HIIT bodyweight strength training exercises (think lunges, squats, push ups, burpees, sit ups) which are sure to leave you in a sweaty puddle on the mat. We squeeze in a couple of deep stretches and savasana into the last 10 minutes. Not for the faint of heart. 

The Live Show

(Live Music + Vinyasa Flow = 3C Live!) 

An ongoing, highly immersive yoga + live music series featuring local artists and epic flows. Show up, hang out, listen to some vinyl, snag your spot, and get ready for an hour of incredible music(ology) and badass vinyasa. Click HERE for updates on our upcoming events and ticket sales!