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An ongoing, highly immersive yoga + live music series featuring local artists and epic flows. Show up, hang out, listen to some vinyl, snag your spot, and get ready for an hour of incredible music(ology) and badass vinyasa. 

Stay tuned here and on Instagram for information on the next 3C Live - and watch this video

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One of the coolest things you could possibly do for a corporate outing or group event, our Hot Yoga + Happy Hour is specifically designed to enhance team bonding. Buckle up for an hour of hot (or not) yoga, then chill out with a tasting of our cold kombuchas on tap. 

To book your own Hot Yoga + Happy Hour, or to brainstorm other ways we can pull off the event of your dreams, contact Sarah Bowling at sarah@3chordsyoga.com

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When you're a Guest Curator, you literally get the stage. Enjoy an unforgettable day (or night) with up to 20 people of your choosing. Each Guest Curator collaborates with 3 Chords staff to develop the ultimate Setlist (which can include live music if that's your thing) and we work to build a meaningful class around you, your music selections, your audience. 

Interested in being a Guest Curator? Contact Sarah Bowling at sarah@3chordsyoga.com.