Are your classes ALL LEVELS?

Yes...and no. Bring us your newbies, your seasoned practitioners, your "I can't touch my toes" athletes, your sexy-flexy human pretzels. Our teachers are experienced in creating intelligent sequences and offering yoga with modifications and adjustments for yogis at all stages of practice. However, if you are brand new to yoga, our regular "rock. roll. flow" classes may be challenging, as we do tend to throw a lot of information your way (it's a musical journey AND a yoga journey - lots to take in). If you are already armed with a few yoga moves and are comfortable learning on the fly, just show up to the mat, we will take care of the rest. If you know you're a newbie and are serious about setting yourself up for success, we suggest you take a few of our "Start Here (Intro to Vinyasa)" classes. Check our "class descriptions" for more info to make sure you pick the class that vibes best with you!

How hot is your "hot yoga"?

Our beautiful studio is equipped with state of the art Heating Green infrared panels, designed to warm your bodies from the inside-out. We generally keep our Rock. Roll. Flow. vinyasa classes heated between 80-90 degrees - just warm enough to get you sweating and make you feel good and juicy during your flow! We dial back the heat for our Restorative classes. 

How early should I arrive?

Give yourself a good 15-20 minute window prior to class start time. This way you can make sure you find a good parking spot, check in, set up your mat, chat with our team, and be totally relaxed and ready to go on an amazing musical-yoga journey with us. Of course, scheduling some time to hang out after class is also good. Sip a cold kombucha at our bar, browse through our boutique, and listen to some vinyl in our listening lounge, or even book some time in our recording studio!

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have one shower and two bathrooms with lots of room for changing and getting refreshed. We even have back up shower towels in case you forget yours. 

Where can I leave my personal belongings?

We have cubbies in our changing area for you to store your personal belongings and shoes. Should you need to bring any valuables into the studio with you, please be sure they don't make noise. We ask that you keep your phones outside the studio unless absolutely necessary. We do not have lockers, but we do have video cameras monitoring the public areas. 

What amenities do you offer?

With any class or package purchase, we include mat, yogitowel, and face towel rental. We also have complimentary purified water for you to refill your bottles. Once you are finished class, please deposit your wet towels in the laundry bins placed outside the studio, and hang your dirty mat up on our rack so that we can clean it!

What kind of music do you play?

Oh, we have a lot to say about this. Click HERE to read about our approach to curating a 3 Chords Setlist and HERE to read about what kind of music / vibe you can expect to find in the classes of each unique 3 Chords Teacher. We guarantee you have never before experienced "yoga to music" quite like this. 

What should I wear?

Clean, comfortable clothes you are happy to sweat in. No socks or shoes in the studio. Please be mindful of others and keep any strong scents / perfumes / fragrant lotions to a minimum. Always good to bring some back up sweats for after class, or simply pick up some new swag in our boutique!

Where can I find your membership options and pricing? Can I sign up online?

Click HERE to view our pricing options and HERE to view our class schedule. Yes, through either of these pages, you can find links to purchase our class passes and memberships. For items in our retail boutique, please visit us in person until we get our online store up and running!

Late Policy

We know you’re busy. We appreciate you making the effort just to show up to your mat. However, it’s not cool to make others wait. Our room is dark, hot and loud so it could really turn into a cluster fu@# trying to get you situated after the class begins. 

Single Classes & Class Cards

You have up to 4 Hours before the scheduled class time to cancel and have it returned to your account for future use. Anything less than that will result in you being charged for the class and having it deducted from your account. 

Unlimited Memberships

You have up to 4 Hours before the scheduled class time to cancel without penalty. Otherwise, your credit card on file will be billed as a no show/late cancellation fee of $25.


All Single Classes + Class Packages expire 1 year from purchase date.  We do not pause the packages for extension.  For any medical issues, please contact the studio directly.

Return / Refund Policy

We don't offer refunds on Single Classes, Class Packages, Unlimited Memberships, Workshops or apparel and merchandise. If something earth-shattering happens, just talk to us. We are reasonable.


We do not do transfers.  We do sell gift certificates for your friends.