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What kind of music do we play?

All kinds! From local artists who record with us in our 3 Chords Recording Studio to the legendary musicians of our time, we celebrate all artists and genres who have made significant contributions to the world of music. 

Check out our 3 Chords Setlists on Spotify, like this one:

Who creates our Setlists?

We do. Let's put it this way, our entire 3 Chords team are certified music nerds. It's actually a pre-requisite for joining our team. Check out our Teacher Profiles to learn more about the specific vibe and style you can expect to find in each class. 

How do we curate our Setlists?

We call it "rabbit-hole-ing". We are the kind of music geeks who like to spend Saturday nights going down the YouTube "rabbit hole" after tripping across some vintage video of an early 70's Billy Joel live performance at some seedy little piano bar on the Lower East Side which then spawned an investigation into every other before-they-were-famous musician who ever played there.... Our team finds a way to craft these songs into a musical journey that will both educate you and enhance your practice!

Is there a method to our madness?

Yes. There is nothing random about our Setlists. Not only are they curated to reflect the intended musical journey we wish to share, our teachers also sequence your yoga flow to compliment the Setlist at hand. Once we determine our main inspiration, we have a basic category framework which we use to craft our flowlists.

We have 3 categories of Setlists:

#anthology - These Setlists tend to focus on the body of work of one particular artist (be it singer, songwriter, producer, etc.) - featuring top hits, deep cuts and songs by other influences/influencers that best illustrate the artist in spotlight.

#musicology - These Setlists tend to zero in on a particular musical genre, style or theme from any period of time in the history of music. They knit together songs from various genres that best illustrate the intended theme. Get ready for some knowledge bombs!

#goat - The Greatest Albums of All Time. We hold space in our Restorative Yoga Classes to pull out the vinyl and play some of the Greatest Albums ever recorded - from start to finish. They way they were intended to be heard.

Do we have live music?

You bet! We host events where we invite musicians and DJ's to perform live during our yoga classes! Stay posted on these special events on our website!